Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lubuk Terbul 3

The 2nd trip to Lubuk Terbul arranged following after discovery trip come out very promising result.........

Chef... thinking what to cook..

The real Lubuk........... rich of flora n fauna

Temporary Tent

Chief in-charge, preparing kitchen stuff

First round harvest before dusk


Nice Haruan

A few 'pak soo kong'

Keli "momoh" rare species these day

Haruan, Haruan Hantu and Bujuk

Group of Sebarau

Overall catch of the day

Monday, February 8, 2010

KKB New Year 2010

Lubuk Terbul 4

This trip was arranged quite early as to make sure that all members are free to joint-in. Furthermore, its already 2 mth this Lubuk being neglected due to busy schedule and we need to check it out that our stock of fishes ready to fight...

Obviously the fish still there..
Note that half cut fish being eaten by bigger predator,,,, guess what!
Group of Terbulllllllllll..........
Baung, Bujuk & Haruan too.
Wherever we are Solah must come first.
Dinner.... Ikan Bakar cicah kicap cili......... perh, podeh jang oii..
Look at that,,,,,,
Just arrived... simple lunch.